The TEACH Grant is specific to undergraduate students, graduate students, teacher certification students, current or prospective teachers and teachers who are obtaining graduate degrees.

This grant awards future educators up to $4000 a year toward teacher-education costs for full-time enrollment. The award is prorated for students who are enrolled less than full-time each semester, and may be reduced per sequestration adjustments. The cumulative maximum is $16,000 for undergraduate students and $8,000 for graduate students.


If the student is an undergraduate, the grant requires a 3.25 cumulative GPA or a score above 75th percentile on admissions tests. If the student is a current teacher or retiree with expertise in teacher-shortage area (e.g., math, science, special education, English language acquisition), there is no GPA requirement.

Eligible undergraduate majors in the College of Education that meet the high need requirement include Special Education, Math Education, and Science Education. MU students in the College of Education must be admitted to Phase II in these program areas (typically Junior year) before they are eligible to apply for TEACH Grant funding.

TEACH Grant recipients must:
  • Agree to serve as a full-time teachers at certain schools and within certain fields for at least four academic years within eight years after graduation
  • Comply with requirements for being highly qualified teachers as defined in section 9101 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Agree to teach in any of the following fields: mathematics, science, a foreign language, bilingual education, special education, reading specialist or in another field designated high need
  • Provide evidence of required employment after each year of service

If the student fails or refuses to carry out the teaching obligation, the grant is treated as an unsubsidized federal loan and must be repaid to the government with interest.


Contact the MU College of Education & Human Development to begin the application process. You will be required to complete an application and entrance counseling with the college, which will then notify the Financial Aid Office of your eligibility. We will notify you when the agreement to serve (ATS) is ready to complete online.

The addition of the TEACH Grant to your financial aid package might result in a revision to your other financial aid; we will notify you of any changes. A new application, entrance counseling and ATS must be completed for each academic year you qualify to receive the grant. You will be required to complete exit counseling within 30 days of separation from an eligible program.

Important Dates

For the 2024-2025 academic year

Dec. 1, 2023 - Scholarship deadline for first-time college students

Feb. 1, 2024 - Scholarship deadline for current & transfer students

March 1, 2024 - MU's recommended FAFSA priority submission date

Apr. 1, 2024 - FAFSA submission deadline

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