MU Grant

Mizzou is committed to helping all Missourians obtain a high-quality and affordable education.

The MU Grant has assisted thousands of students over the years to help cover the cost to receive a top-notch education. The MU Grant is a customized merit and need-based grant available to students for up to 10 fall or spring semesters (that is 5 years if you need it)! It is automatically evaluated at the time of admission and is renewed annually for students who continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

How does it work?

At the time of admission to Mizzou, your academic information, FAFSA information, federal grants, state grants or scholarships, some Mizzou scholarships, and some external scholarships (as determined by Student Financial Aid) will be evaluated to determine your eligibility and the MU Grant amount. MU Grant amounts will vary by student. The MU Grant amount determined at the time of admission may be received annually for up to 10 fall or spring semesters if you maintain eligibility. This award cannot be applied to summer semesters.

Who is eligible? *^
  • Undergraduate student pursuing their first bachelor’s degree
  • Enrolled full-time in a fall or spring term (except for last term before graduation)
  • Complete a FAFSA by the published priority deadline (this must be done every year — put a reminder in your calendar!)
  • Awarded/received at the time of admission
  • Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress

*The Mizzou MU Grant award amount and eligibility criteria are subject to change annually depending on institutional funding. New award amounts and eligibility criteria do not apply retroactively to previous academic years. If you did not get awarded the MU Grant at the time of admission, you are not eligible for it in later years.

^If a student experiences an extreme change to their FAFSA calculation then a student’s eligibility may change. Student Financial Aid evaluates this automatically, and a student will be notified if they meet the extreme change threshold and their MU grant award amount changes. There is no appeal process for this.

Important Dates

For the 2024-2025 academic year

Dec. 1, 2023 - Scholarship deadline for first-time college students

Feb. 1, 2024 - Scholarship deadline for current & transfer students

March 1, 2024 - MU's recommended FAFSA priority submission date

Apr. 1, 2024 - FAFSA submission deadline

More dates

Resources & Information

Review the following pages for clear understanding of the financial aid programs and ensure maximum aid eligibility from year to year.