Net Price Calculator

The intention of the net price calculator is to provide families with estimates on the total cost of attendance for the University of Missouri. The estimated total grant aid package accessed by the calculator is based upon averages of grant and scholarship aid awarded to first time college students in particular income ranges that attended the University of Missouri in the previous award year. The calculator only looks at a student’s estimated family contribution (EFC) when factoring the net price of Mizzou. This calculator does not take into consideration an individual student’s academic ability, such as ACT/SAT scores, or high school grade point average. Students with high ACT/SAT scores and high grade point averages may not receive an accurate estimate of financial aid eligibility. Visit our scholarships page for information regarding Mizzou’s automatic scholarships.

Incoming Freshman Net Price Calculator

Incoming Transfer Student Net Price Calculator

Important Dates

Dec. 1 - Scholarship deadline for first-time college students

Jan. 7 - Scholarship deadline for current & transfer students

Feb. 1 - FAFSA priority deadline