Scholarships are education funds that do not have to be repaid. Eligibility is based on criteria established by the donor, which may include merit, need or special characteristics, such as ethnicity or area of academic interest.

In 2013-14, University of Missouri undergraduate students received more than $84,000,000 in scholarship aid, both internal and external.

Automatic scholarships

The University of Missouri offers several scholarships for which students are considered automatically when they are admitted to MU. Other MU scholarships require the students to apply using the MU Annual Scholarship Application. To search all endowed scholarships this application is used for, please visit are no longer accepting applications for 2016. The application for 2017-2018 is available now.

To be eligible for MU's automatic scholarships, you must enroll at the University of Missouri on the Columbia campus the first regular semester (fall or spring) following graduation from high school. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) to receive the award and at least 6 of those credit hours must be taken on the Columbia campus.  Students who are solely on-line are not eligible to receive automatic scholarships.  Students who meet the criteria for MU's general automatic scholarships cannot receive more than one automatic scholarship. MU will not provide funds exceeding 100 percent of tuition and fees.


MU will not combine sub-scores from multiple test dates to determine scholarship eligibility. The Office of Admissions will take only the highest composite score from a single test date.

More about financial aid eligibility.

Applying for scholarships

Many scholarships are based on financial need as well as academic achievement. Financial need is determined by the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. You must complete the FAFSA by the MU priority deadline for funding consideration by MU.

Non-ranking high schools

Admission to MU and eligibility for scholarships may be based on a combination of test scores, grade point average and class rank. Rank will not be considered from high schools listed as non-ranking. If you have attended a high school that does not rank its students, your admission and scholarship eligibility may be based on grade point average in required core classes in combination with standardized test scores.


Non-Missouri-resident students whose out-of-state fees are paid by another source are not eligible to receive fee waivers through automatic scholarships. If you gain Missouri residency while receiving a non-resident automatic scholarship, you will automatically forfeit the annual award. More about non-Missouri resident scholarships.

Types of scholarships

Athletic scholarships

Athletic scholarships are awarded by individual sports programs. MU coaches initiate contact with qualified recruits early in the recruitment process. Learn more about MU Athletics.