Non-Missouri Resident & International Transfer Student Awards

Who qualifies?

  • Transfer students working on their first Bachelor’s degree
  • International applicants to Coordinated Undergraduate Degree Programs (CUDPs) in the Missouri School of Journalism are not considered for transfer scholarships.

Minimum qualifications

Effective for students attending MU for the first time in Spring 2019 or later. 

  • Minimum 3.00 GPA
  • At least 24 transferable credit hours*

Award amount

Award amounts vary based on GPA, and students will only receive one of the award amounts. Students must meet the GPA requirement, as well as the credit hour requirement* in order to be eligible. 

Award Minimum GPA Award Amount
Nonresident Transfer Award I 3.90 100% Nonresident fee waiver (approx. $15,838)
Nonresident Transfer Award II 3.00 50% Nonresident fee waiver (approx. $7,919)

*Students with a 3.00 or higher GPA who do not have at least 24 transferable credit hours, may still qualify for the 50% non-resident fee waiver if they received a score between 27-36 on the ACT or 1260-1600 on the SAT.

The following may be received individually, or combined with the awards above. 

Phi Theta Kappa Members: $1,000

Students who earned an Associates Degree from a Missouri Community College: $500*

*Only the following degree types qualify a student for this award: AA, AS, ADN, AFA, AAT, ASN, AE, AAA.

Application process

No application required. Students are automatically considered once admitted to MU.


Renewable for an additional 3 years. Students can receive the award for a maximum of eight regular (fall or spring) semesters, or until receiving a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first. Awards are not applicable to the summer semester.

To remain eligible for the award, recipients must:

  • Remain continuously enrolled at MU for each regular (fall and spring) semester
  • Enroll for a minimum of 12 MU credit hours each semester (fall and spring)
  • Complete at least 24 graded credit hours each academic year
  • Maintain a cumulative MU grade point average of 3.00 or higher

Dismissal from the University for any conduct reason will result in a loss of the scholarship award.  If renewal criteria (minimum completion of hours and cumulative GPA for the specific award) are met at the close of the academic year (spring semester), the student may regain eligibility.  However, the semester(s) during the suspension will be counted as part of the six semester maximum award.

The Level I and Level II Nonresident Transfer Awards will be canceled or reduced if nonresident tuition is waived or paid by another source. Should a nonresident student apply for and be approved for Missouri residency, the scholarship will be canceled and will not be replaced with a Missouri resident equivalent award.

Failure to meet the renewal criteria will cause the recipient to be ineligible to receive the scholarship for the following academic year. If at the end of that academic year the renewal criteria listed above are met, the scholarship will be reinstated for the next academic year. However, all regular semesters of enrollment are counted toward the six-semester limit of receiving the award.

Additional information

Not transferable among the campuses of the University of Missouri system.