Other Scholarship Resources

Several financial organizations provide online scholarship resources and search services. The best time to use them is one year prior to college enrollment. The Mizzou Office of Student Financial Aid does not endorse or support particular private scholarships or scholarship search sites. Mizzou cannot guarantee the accuracy of these scholarship searches but recommends trying them if no cost is involved. If you are an incoming freshman, we recommend you also talk with your high school guidance counselor about other private scholarship options that may be available to you.

When searching for private scholarships, please remember to look out for signs of scams. Never give money, credit card numbers or bank account information to any entity promising scholarships.

Mizzou Student Financial Aid Twitter Scholarship Announcements

Every Friday the Mizzou Office of Student Financial Aid will announce any new Private Scholarships that are sent to our office. A list of all those awards are kept on this page to be reviewed at any time.

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To be considered for Mizzou general and department scholarships, as well as a large database of other private scholarships, you should log into ScholarshipUniverse using your Mizzou assigned username and password and answer a series of matching questions. Then you can complete the individual applications for both Mizzou and private scholarships and grants.


College Board Scholarship Search

Sponsored by the College Board (which administers the SAT college entrance exam), this site matches each student’s education level, talents and background to a database of scholarships, loans, internships and other financial aid programs.

Scholarship Search

FastWeb: Scholarships

One of the first free online financial aid search services, FastWeb supports a database of more than 400,000 scholarships. Use the site’s scholarship matching service, search-sorting system and deadline tracker.


SuperCollege.com: Scholarship Search

Sign up to search a free database of more than 2.2 million college scholarships, grants, fellowships and contests worth more than $15 billion. Sort and save your searches.



Get unlimited access to a scholarship database of 2.4 million scholarships, and see lists of other scholarship recipients. The site has been highly rated by CNN Money and Forbes.com.



Awards $2,000 three times annually. Scholarships are open to all Hispanic and bilingual students.



Awards $2,000 three times annually. Scholarships are open to diversity and minority students.