First-time college students: non-residents

Automatic scholarships

The University of Missouri offers several scholarships for which students are considered automatically when they are admitted to MU. SAT scores shown throughout the scholarship site are based on the old SAT. New revised SAT scores for the 17-18 academic year will be posted soon.

Other MU scholarships require the students to apply using the MU Annual Scholarship Application.


Non-Missouri-resident students whose out-of-state fees are paid by another source are not eligible to receive fee waivers through automatic scholarships. If you gain Missouri residency while receiving a non-resident automatic scholarship, you will automatically forfeit the annual award. More about Missouri resident scholarships.

Scholarships for first-time college students: non-residents

These awards cannot be combined with other awards in the list. You will receive the largest award you qualify for.

Any of these scholarships can be added to the awards listed above.