The University of Missouri’s Equal Employment/Education Opportunity policy [UM System CR&R 600.020], which is compliant with Federal laws prohibiting discrimination, requires that faculty, student employees and staff members, with some exceptions, report any known, learned or rumored incidents of sex discrimination, including; sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking on the basis of sex, dating/intimate partner violence or sexual exploitation and/or related experiences or incidents. To report sexual misconduct or ask questions about the policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, please submit the online reporting form at or contact the Title IX coordinator, Linda Bennett, 573-882-7915 or

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

If you become ineligible for financial aid because you are not meeting the minimum satisfactory academic progress standards, but feel you have experienced unique, extenuating circumstances, you have the opportunity to submit a SAP appeal by following the process outlined below. All information regarding your SAP appeal is kept confidential.


  • Complete the MU Student Financial Aid Appeal Form.
  • Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser.
  • Take the appeal form to your academic advising appointment.
  • Complete a two-semester academic plan or degree completion plan with your adviser.
  • Write a narrative explaining the specific circumstances that caused you to become ineligible.
  • Outline the steps you have taken already and those you will take to address the situation.
  • Submit a complete appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid in 11 Jesse Hall.


If the appeal is based upon your cumulative grade point average, you must specifically address why you have not earned the minimum cumulative grade point average.

Completion Rate

If you have completed less than 75 percent of the credit hours you have attempted, you must specifically address why you have received withdrawal(s),  incompletes(s), and/or drop(s) in more than 25 percent of your coursework as well as your plans to ensure you complete coursework in the future. Please note that transfer credit is included in the total attempted/completed credit hours calculation.


If your appeal is based on exceeding 180 hours attempted, address why you have enrolled in additional courses without completing your degree requirements. Please indicate if you are a transfer student or have changed majors recently.

ACADEMIC PLAN EXPECTATIONS (required if you have fewer than 90 hours)

Your academic plan should indicate enrollment for the next two terms at MU, including the term for which you are appealing.  It should also indicate the major and degree you are pursuing and, if applicable, the minimum requirements to be admitted into the major/department.  If admittance is not assured, consider a backup plan.

GRADUATION PLAN EXPECTATIONS (required if you have 90 hours or more)

Your graduation plan should indicate enrollment through graduation at MU, including the term for which you are appealing.  If you are majoring in multiple programs, it is advisable to appeal only for the degree in which you are closer to completion.  Appeals are rarely approved for additional hours to pursue multiple degrees.  Once you complete a first bachelor’s degree, you are allowed an increased hours limit to attain a subsequent bachelor’s degree. 

Enrollment Status

You must be eligible to enroll as a degree-seeking student to the University of Missouri before submitting an appeal.

Notification of Appeal Results

Allow up to two weeks for your appeal to be reviewed.  It is recommended you submit your appeal as soon as possible, especially if your decision to enroll is dependent upon the appeal decision.  Understand that appeal decisions are processed on a case-by-case basis. Appeal decisions are final and not subject to further review.

If your appeal is approved, you will be expected to make academic progress as detailed in your approval letter. You must also follow the terms of your academic plan you submitted (i.e. complete your coursework with satisfactory grades).  You will be notified of the decision by e-mail or by U.S. mail at the address you provide on your appeal form. You may check your financial aid status by logging on to your myZou Student Center and reviewing your "To Do" list.

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

If your SAP appeal is denied because of your grade point average and/or completion rate (or you decide not to appeal), you may regain eligibility for financial aid by improving your GPA and/or completion rate to meet the minimum SAP criteria. If you believe you are now meeting the criteria before the next annual SAP evaluation period, you may request your status be reviewed.  If upon this review, you are now meeting SAP, your financial aid may be processed for the eligible semester(s) only.